Obtain your own ms212.com Email address

Companions - You can now have your own Mount Sinai Chapter ms212.com Email address.   The format is:

     firstname.lastname@ms212.com.     For example, John Smith's would be


There are three options on how you can use this address:

1) All messages sent to your ms212.com address can be forwarded to a designated Email address.  If you choose this option, please specify this address.

2) You can use the Webmail Login link on this site to access your messages.  This is a fully functional Web based Email service, so you can save and file your messages, send messages, maintain an address book, etc...

3) You can configure the Email program on your computer [e.g. Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, etc...] to retrieve messages from the Chapter's EMail server.  If you choose this option, the Webmail access will still show you any messages that have not yet been downloaded into your Email program.  If you wish this option, please specify the Email program you are using, and instructions on how to configure it will follow.

To request a Chapter Email address, please click on the link below, complete the form and click on Submit:

Request Email Address