Map Controls: Top Left – use the arrow buttons to shift the map as desired, the slider scale to zoom, or + button to zoom in, and the - button to zoom out,
                           and the centre button inside the arrows to restore the map to the origional position, with the red pointer in the centre.
                       Top Right – Map button: street map, Satellite button: aerial photograph, Hybrid button: aerial photograph with street names superimposed.
                       Bottom Right Inset Window – move the rectangular magnifying glass within the small inset window to move the map as desired.
                           Click on the arrow at the extreme lower right of the inset window to close, and reopen the inset.
                       Hold down the left mouse button anywhere on the map / inset (the curser becomes a closed fist) and drag it in any direction using the mouse.
                       Click on the red pointer to restore the information bubble if it disappears.
              Note: While the maps are generally accurate, the location pinpointed on the above map may be not be precisely at the indicated address.
                       Try using the Satellite view. The location may actually be visible by zooming in.