Email Chapter Summons

We are pleased to report that the trial program established in 2007-2008 to conduct and monitor the results of a trial program to Email the Chapter summons to Companions was very successful.  Mount Sinai Chapter was one of six Chapters selected for the trial, and we reported great success with it.  At the 150th Annual Convocation of Grand Chapter, held April 3 to 5, 2008, Emailing the summons was approved, provided that the Chapter meets certain conditions.  Mount Sinai Chapter, having been part of the trial, has met these, and will continue to send it in this manner to Companions who give their consent.  Thus far, over 20% of our Companions have agreed to it.  We hope that you will do so, as well.

Please note that we will also send the summons to Companions of other Chapters within our jurisdiction, with your permission.  Just indicate your Chapter, so we can verify your membership with Grand Chapter.

First of all, to our Chapter's Companions, rest assured  if you wish to continue to receive your Chapter summons by regular post, that is still your right.
That being said, we want to point out the tremendous savings for our Chapter if many of our members choose to get it by Email.  We run our Chapter on a limited budget, and have been able to maintain our current dues structure for a number of years.  By carefully watching our expenses and paying close attention to collecting dues promptly, we have run successfully within our means.  As costs are always rising, chief among these being the preparation and mailing of the summons, we have to look to ways to control and even reduce costs where we can.  What a great opportunity to pare summons costs by using Email.

A note about the privacy of your Email address is in order.  The Chapter will never reveal your Email address to anyone.  When we use it, we always use the "bcc" field in the Email message, so no recipeints will see your address.  If you still have some concerns, why not get your own Chapter Email address - click here for more information.

For your information, we currently have the Email addresses of over 100 of our Companions.  Given that we issue eight summons a year, taking into account the cost of paper, duplication, envelopes and postage, you can see that we can save a substantial amount of money by using Email to send the summons, even if only to half of these Companions.

As well, we have a number of good friends of the Chapter who are on our mailing list.  We can use Email for this purpose, as well, if you give us your permission.

If you provide your consent (see below), your summons will be transmitted to you by Email.  This will be in the form of an Adobe Acrobat pdf document.

Adobe Acrobat Reader is a free program available over the internet, from a very reputable company, Adobe Systems Inc. A pdf document is a very safe and virus free way to transmit information.  It is often used by businesses to transmit important documents, since the information can be secured, and it virtually guaranteed there is no way to change the contents.  In our case, it will provide a way to transmit our summons in a standard format, where the file is quite small.  If you cannot already open a pdf file [Quick Test: click on the link in point 1) below - if the form opens, you can!] It's well worth your while to make sure you have this program on your computer, since there is quite a bit of material available over the internet in "pdf" format.  For instance, most household and business product instruction manuals are available on the internet.  Just Google [or use your favourite search engine] the product manufacturer name and model number - you'll be surprised how easy it is to find a manual for it.  Please click on the link below to obtain Adobe Acrobat Reader.


In order for you to start receiving the summons by Email, all we need is your permission.  There are a number of ways you can do this:

1. Click here to open (you can save a copy on your computer once it is open, or you can right click on the Link, and select the "Save Target As..." option to save it directly on your computer withour opening it first) a Summons Request Form, print it, fill it in and return it to the Scribe Ezra.  It can be mailed or FAXed.  Please see the summons for the contact information.

2. Click here to fill in the Contact form – Please put the following in the Comment area:

I hereby request that the Mount Sinai Chapter No. 212 summons be sent to me using the Email address shown below. I agree that is my responsibility to advise the Scribe Ezra of any future change of Email address.


Email Address: 

3. Click here to send the Scribe Ezra an Email with your permission.

Thank you for your interest in this welcome advancement in Capitular Masonry in Ontario.  We hope you will participate in the program, and thank you, in advance, if you choose to do so.