District 10 Grand Superintendent's Message

Grand Superintendent 2009-2010
R.Ex.Comp. Robert A. Keay

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October, 2009

My Companions:

    We are now well into the fall season and I am still asking where the summer went. Though rain seemed to be the watch word of the weekends there were some glints of sunshine to remind us of what could have been had the weather co-operated. The brief vacation I took was probably the nicest weather week we experienced so I really have nothing to complain about.

    Our Royal Arch Year is back underway and we have some special events under our belts. In June we held a successful District Instruction meeting in Peterborough where we led through some very useful RAM education by R.Ex.Comp. Thomas A. Mortlock. While these sessions may be mandatory for the Grand Superintendent to present, it is an opportunity to share some valuable Masonic information and some invaluable fraternal time with friends and Companions. The District Chapter Church Service was a special event and I was most pleased to see the great turn out in the Lang Village Church. I do not think we could have put another person in the building and hopefully every one went home refreshed spiritually from R.Ex.Comp. Hugh Kernohan’s message and physically from Mrs. Keay’s lunch preparations. Thank you R.Ex.Comp. Gary McCormick for all your efforts in preparation and for each of you that supported that event.

    We have also had an official visit at Corinthian Chapter No.36 and an installation at Oakwood Chapter No.93. It was exceptional that the Grand First Principal, M.Ex.Comp. Roland A Paddle, Grand Second Principal, R.Ex.Comp. Roland P. Mandeville and Past Grand First Principal, M.Ex.Comp. Donald F. Kline along with other Grand Chapter officers were in attendance in Pickering. Their presence contributed to a most memorable evening for all in attendance and I congratulate the Chapter on an excellent installation.

    Our official visit to Palestine Chapter No.249 has been rescheduled to their November meeting due to conflicts in my work schedule and I would ask you to make sure you pass the word around your members to make sure the trestle boards get updated accordingly.

    Also make note of the error on the Trestle Board that shows a 1:00pm Daylight Chapter meeting for the Official Visit to King Darius Chapter No.134. It is actually being held at 7:30 p.m. on that evening. The Daylight Lodge notation belonged to St. Johns Chapter No.48 Official Visit, which appears directly below on the Trestle Board.

     I encourage you all to check out any upcoming events on the calendar and try your best to support our Chapters across District 10. I would like to make special note of the Semi Annual meeting to be held in Lindsay on October 29 and hope to see all past and present Principals in attendance.

    Companions, I hope you will have a safe start to the winter, which we know is around the corner, both in your travels but also in your personal health. As the grip is such an important part of Masonic ritual, it is quite acceptable to use a bow once in a while to avoid the risk of spreading the flu germ!

     May Jehovah The Most High, bless you and keep you until we meet again.

Fraternally, R.Ex.Comp. Robert A. Keay, Grand Superintendent, District 10

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May, 2009

My Companions:

    My year as your new Grand Superintendent has started and I am looking forward to it with much excitement. We in District 10 have always been blessed with a history of strong leaders and those that have gone before have paved my way with excellence.

    I would like to start by congratulating all those who were invested or appointed to positions at the Grand Convocation of our Grand Chapter. We have many talented Masons in District 10 and I am most pleased to see them stepping up and sharing their skills and knowledge. Their names appear on the Trestle Board so please take time to announce them to the Companions at your next regular meeting.

    I am also very pleased to announce that Ex.Comp. Jack Stiles will be the secretary to the Grand Superintendent for my term. Our contact information is on the Trestle Board so please ensure that each of us is copied on any correspondence. If you require a signed form from us to be able to send your summons by email please send them at your earliest convenience.

    My theme for this year is “OUT OF THE QUARRIES” and I will be expanding on it at each of my visits to your Chapters. There is work that needs to be done in District 10 and we must be up to the task. To be able to impress our new candidates with the beauty and solemnity of our degrees we need to portray them in their fullest. It will take effort from all of us if we are to achieve the high standards that should always characterize Royal Arch Masonry, especially District 10 which we all know is the best district in the Province.

    At your Official Visit I would like to recognize an individual companion who truly represents the heart and soul of your Chapter. Someone who supports where he is able, delivers when called on, and quietly goes about his tasks without seeking applause. Have your council identify such an individual and send me his name at least a week or two prior to the Official Visit. If possible, ensure that the person is able to attend that night and I will make a special presentation to him prior to closing remarks. It is important to our district that we all recognize and honour those devoted Masons who might otherwise go unheralded.

    We have added district special events to the trestle board this year so please take the time to look it over and mark those special dates on your calendars. Of special note will be the Instruction Meeting in Peterborough on June 25th and or District 10 Church Service at Lang Pioneer Village on September 13th. Also Companions, we need your support at all our district Installations and Official Visits. We, as a district must act and do as one.

    We are the strength of our beliefs for that is what brings us together in this great fraternal organization. Come out and share in this year’s events with your friends and companions.

    I am glad you have taken the time to visit the District 10 website which was kindly set up and managed by R.Ex.Comp. Eric Lakien. We will continue to try and keep it updated for your regular use and hopefully will be a venue to communicate events and provide updates on my journeys around our district.

    I look forward to meeting with you in friendship in your Chapters soon and hope that the Most High favours you with His blessings.

Fraternally, R.Ex.Comp. Robert A. Keay, Grand Superintendent, District 10

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